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New to the SSPX?

Welcome to the webite of the SSPX in Great Britain and Scandinavia.
If you have come here to learn what the SSPX is, how it came about and why there is an even greater need for it and its supporters today, you will will find no better explanation than that provided by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre himself.
I am pleased to direct you to a clear and concise book entitled: "Open Letter to Confused Catholics" which you can read for free on line or you can buy via your browser.

"All the dogmatic councils have given us the exact expression of Tradition, the exact expression of what the Apostles taught. Tradition is irreformable. One can never change the decrees of the Council of Trent, because they are infallible, written and published by an official act of the Church, unlike those of Vatican II, which pronouncements are not infallible because the popes did not wish to commit their infallibility.  Therefore nobody can say to you, "You are clinging to the past, you have stayed with the Council of Trent." For the Council of Trent is not the past. Tradition is clothed with a timeless character, adapted to all times and all places."

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.  

For a brief summary of the errors of the Second Vatican Council, please see 'Timebombs of Vatican II' in .pdf format by clicking here.

I also invite you to visit the "Chapel Addresses and Mass Times" page where you will be able to find your nearest SSPX Chapel and the times when Mass is offered there.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Robert Brucciani - District Superior.


About the SSPX

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (+ 1991), the Society of St. Pius X is a priestly society of common life without vows, like the Society of the Foreign Missions of Paris. Its main objective is to provide training for the Catholic priesthood without any trace of Modernism in doctrine, morals or worship. The Society was originally erected in Fribourg, Switzerland by Bishop Francois Charriere, of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg on 1st November, 1970.

Today the Society is working in some sixty countries, everywhere providing the unchanging Catholic doctrine, the Mass of All Time, the liturgy, as well as the sacraments in their traditional form, the true channels of grace and of salvation.  It has six international priestly seminaries established on four continents. Its ministry is a parish-model ministry exercised through its priories where the member priests live in common, an important aspect of the priestly life in the SSPX. It also devotes itself to many other forms of apostolate and works of charity: third orders, chaplaincies, houses for spiritual retreats, primary and secondary schools, colleges, retirement homes, clinics, missions, as well as various works of charity.

In Great Britain the Society's Priests regularly offer the traditional Latin Mass in some 30 churches, chapels and Mass centres. Saint Michael's School provides a Catholic education for junior and senior boys and junior girls. There is a Retreat House at Bristol. Publications include a regular newsletter including a magazine, "Mater Dei".

The District also has an apostolate in Scandinavia, covering Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the SSPX