Archived newsletters
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This page contains links to earlier newsletters to the Knights of the Immaculatae written by Fr. Stehlin.

They are arranged in chronological order, with the most recent letter at the top.

The files are in .pdf format.

Letter 014-2016 dated 5th April 2016
Letter 013-2016 dated 8th March 2016
Letter 012-2016 dated 19th February 2016
Letter 011-2016 dated 4th January 2016
Letter 010-2015 dated 3rd December 2015
Letter 009-2015 dated 28th October 2015
Letter 008-2015 dated 11th September 2015
Letter 007-2015 dated 30th June 2015
Letter 006-2015 dated 7th May 2015
Letter 005-2015 dated 4th April 2015
Letter 004-2015 dated 9th March 2015
Letter 003-2015 dated 24th January 2015
Letter 002-2015 dated 24th January 2015
Letter 001-2015 dated 24th December 2014