Prayer Crusade
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Background (by Fr. Stehlin):

Only in 2012, after having re-established the MI in its traditional observance, I answered to the request of some knights in Poland to start this prayer apostolate, established a special list of knights who agree to say one decade of the Rosary with the Memorare in the intentions given by the secretariat. After one month we had 50 knights in the apostolate, after one year there were almost 1000. The reason?

After 3 months, I had to print in our bulletins similar ‘thanksgivings' as quoted above. The effects were totally overwhelming. Never in my life could I imagine, that the Immaculata was just waiting for this apostolate to pour out her graces to her beloved Knights.

Therefore I have decided to start a similar apostolate in Asia, [with a view to introducing it world-wide in the future].

How to join the Prayer Crusade:

Here is the special email address to which you may write:

prayer @

1/ Please write that you want join the MI – PRAYER CRUSADE. For that you promise to say every day at least one decade of the Rosary with the MI prayer “O Mary conceived without sin ….” as well as the Memorare of Saint Bernard (“Remember, O most Blessed Virgin Mary…”).

Attention: if for whatever reason you do not pray this decade (you forgot, you had no time, you were sick etc.), you do NOT commit any sin. But it would be good, that the next day you would then say 2 decades.

The intention of this decade is: to pray for all prayer requests given:

  a) by the Knights of the Immaculata who join the MI PRAYER CRUSADE,

  b) by the moderators of the MI.

2/ Send your prayer requests as much and as often you want! These requests will be automatically forwarded to all Knights who participate in the MI Prayer Crusade (exception: if your request would not be in concordance with the laws of the Church, it will be sent back to you asking you to modify).

Attention: the secretariat will decide if your prayer requests will be sent explicitly to the fellow knights or only in general (e.g. “20 knights asked for prayers for the conversion of their family members etc.). If you do NOT want your request to be published, please mention that in your email.

3/ You are strongly encouraged to send a note of thanksgiving if your prayer request was granted.

May I invite you all to join the MI PRAYER CRUSADE? 

Imagine: if 10,000 Knights prayed one decade every day, 2000 rosaries would be said daily for the intentions of the Knights. Besides that, you will have done every day an extraordinary apostolate for HER.

Remember always:

If you pray for yourself seriously, you will receive.

If you pray for others, you yourself will receive double.

Fr. Karl Stehlin

Manila, 5 April 2016