Would you like to help Saint Joseph offer a monastery
of contemplative nuns to the Immaculata?

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

On her feast day, 31st May, our Queen took possession of her kingdom, the Monastery of the Immaculata. Only your supernatural understanding of the urgency and the necessity of a new bastion of contemplative life motivated the truly admirable generosity of your donations.

An unheard of competition of kindness surrounded and supported us, that of faithful of all ages, those who enter into life until those who prepare to take off for eternity. Consider these two touching little girls who, of their own will and for the first time, emptied their piggybank for us.

And what can we say of the sacerdotal dedication of our priests where the most fraternal kindness was united to the most edifying charity. All of you wanted to offer Saint Joseph, for the Immaculata, this refuge of contemplation, of sacrifice, and of praise. Thanks to God, it is now done, and well done. How can we thank you?
If Providence allows it, we hope to be able to "spread" next summer, for other postulants are joining us, and we do not have enough room. Here at the Monastery of Saint Joseph the sign reads "full"!

But you know far too well, dear friends, a foundation; it is one sole sacrifice from start to finish (Dom Ange, O.S.B.). This goes for you as much as for us. That is why we humbly beg you to stay by our side for the heavy work that awaits us in the upcoming months.

The perfection and finalization of the blueprints, under the direction of excellent and priceless general contractor, mobilized us these last months. On their side, the Buildings of France, on whom we depend in reason of the protected site, gave us their favorable opinion. They are even happy that we have acquired this property which is going to keep its life, all while preserving it from modifications that could have de-natured it. We have at heart to respect the rural harmony of the buildings and of traditional materials.

To do this, research departments are at work and we just issued the first invitations to tender for:

1. the indispensible and urgent work of draining: an installation of natural purification with filtering plants. A living system with reeds and other plants,
2.  the Church, the heart of the monastery, which up until this day is a sheepfold barn and "junk room",
3.  the transformation and conversion of the attic into cells for the nuns, which necessitates the creation of stairs, the opening of skylight or dormer windows, and the installation of a small common "shower room",
4.  the construction of the refectory,
5.  the placement or restoration of the terracotta (clay) and hard wood floors,
the door and window frames that need to be changed,
6.  the installation of heating everywhere, as it is nowhere to be found!

We will never tell you enough the immensity of our gratitude. Each and every one of you is and remains in the depths of our life of prayer, with all of your loved ones and our common intentions, those of the Immaculate Heart for the Church and the world of souls.

Mother Prioress

NB: Most of the pictures are of the property of the future Monastery near Bergerac, France.

Development work on the church at the Monastery of the Immaculata

Development work on other buildings at the Monastery of the Immaculata

Wonderful progress!

Since the above pictures were uploaded the nuns have made amazing progress on the construction of the Monastery of St. Joseph for the Immaculata, much of it by the labour of their own hands. Here is a link to a further 100 photographs, alas too many to be individually captioned, but they serve to illustrate what progress has been made so far.  There is plenty to occupy them indoors when the winter sets in, and in any case it will not be long before the remaining outbuildings have rooves on so that work can continue regardless of the weather.

Please do all you can to support the appeal, and offer prayers for the success of their work:

Progress up to July 2017 in Powerpoint slides

[Can be viewed on Apple by choosing Safari at "Open with" but it takes 3 or 4 minutes to open as there are 100 photographs to be downloaded]


"The contemplative life brings to the world that which Our Lord called the 'only necessity'."

After 27 years of cloistered Dominican life in Anjou, France, we do not have any more cells in Saint Joseph's Monastery to welcome the new vocations which arrive.

Due to the need to expand, Divine Providence led us to a property of 30 hectares (60 acres) in Périgord, classed as a protected site.
The buildings, of a sober and simple beauty, have a monastic soul and a note of poverty proper to our mendicant Order.
Notwithstanding the good state of the exterior, heavy work of interior renovation is necessary in order to permit the founding sisters to install themselves in this little hamlet of precious regional stones.

In this captivating setting full of serenity and silence and open to large, green and wooded horizons, all is favorable to the contemplative life of recollection and prayer. Everything fosters divine praise, in perfect harmony with our vocation of nuns in the heart of the Church, for God alone and the souls to save.

"The contemplative soul, though she is far from the world, does not live for herself. The desert does not limit charity, it spreads it to the infinite, one never watches with as much solicitude on men as when one has become watchful of God"

"The contemplative life is only a witness given to the transcendence of God. God is everything, and, because He is everything, He merits that we give Him everything."

"Following Our Lady's example, all that a contemplative soul loves, all that she seeks, all that she thinks, all that she sees, is God alone."

"The most contemplative prayer that which is the most absorbed in God is an essential function of the Church. The absence of this activity, which nothing replaces, would signify the asphyxiation of the Mystical Body."

Only your generosity will permit Saint Joseph to acquire and to found the new Monastery -  from pence to larger donations, all will be greatly appreciated.


Methods of making donations:

For those with Sterling Bank Accounts the most economical method of donating is to send a cheque to the following address:

Fr. R. Brucciani
District Superior
St. George's House
125 Arthur Road
London    SW19 7DR

The cheque should be made payable to the SSPX and should be accompanied by a note saying that the donation is specifically for the Périgord Appeal of the Mother Prioress at Monastère Saint-Joseph 10, avenue Jeanne de Laval F - 49240 Avrillé in France.


International wire transfers:

To the order of:

The nuns thank most especially those of you who consider making them beneficiaries of a will or of a life insurance to the order of A.M.D.A. (Amis des Moniales Dominicaines d'Avrillé).

This remains the surest way to assure their daily needs and the permanence of their life consecrated exclusively to prayer.

The Dominican nuns, who have consecrated their lives to God in silence and solitude, thank you for anything that you can do for them.

They pray and offer themselves for you, in the permanent rhythm of their antique Dominican liturgy.


Please click here for donations by cheques in sterling to St. George's House.

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