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As of April 8th 2016 this website was rebuilt into a new format to meet the requirements of the global format commissioned by Menzingen. Efforts are being made to retain the content, but there are fewer navigation links so more key clicks may be required to find the information you want, or to verify the uploading of information you have submitted for publication.

The old website will continue to be available until all the content has been assimilated into the new format but entry to its pages will only be accessible via individual page names such as and note that the "Home" button will transfer Browsers to the new site, although the other buttons will still work for the time being.

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Recent Deaths
Mrs. Irene McNicholas of Blackburn on 31st March 2016.

Funeral details: Friday 15th April at Our Lady of Victories - Preston - at 11am.

Mr. Peter Baldwin of Leyland who died on Saturday 9th April 2016.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mr. Peter Baldwin of Leyland who died on Saturday 9th April 2016. The funeral will take place at 11am on Monday 25th April at Our Lady of Victories Church, Winkley Square, Preston PR1 3NA. Requiescat in pace.

Fr. V. Vandendaele.

The District Superior, Fr. Robert Brucciani, provides regular news updates between newletters:

If you would like to receive personal notification of news updates, please send an email to him at @ and in the "Subject" Line write: "Request for News updates by e-mail" .

The following announcements are taken from Fr. Brucciani's latest Letter to Friends and Benefactors:

2016 MARCH 11th

Please find the latest publications here:
March 2016 Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary, Kenya.
Letter 13 Militia Immaculatae Asia

FORTY HOURS DEVOTION will commence with 7pm Mass on Friday 11th March at Ss. Joseph & Padarn, Salterton Road, London N7 6BB. There is a full schedule of Masses and Devotions. This is an excellent opportunity to spend time with Our Lord: adoring Him, thanking Him, asking of Him and making reparation for our many offences against Him.
The consecration of the parish of Ss. Joseph & Padarn, Salterton Road London N7 6BB to St. Joseph will take place on 19th March after the 11am Mass. Please visit our website for a full consideration of the Total Consecration To St. Joseph & The Holy Family.
St. Michael’s School are raising money for new buildings and furniture for a new girls’ school. The funds are beginning to come, but there is still a long way to go. See our website for the easiest way of making a donation. Please indicate “St. Michael’s Building Fund”.
September 2016 Teaching Vacancy at St. Michael’s School (Burghclere).
Description: We are looking for a Senior School Mathematics teacher to join our dedicated staff at St. Michael’s School in Burghclere near Newbury. We are a small independent school for children from 5-18 years old and we need to replace two long-serving and excellent teachers who are planning to retire at the end of the academic year. The position is open to the teaching of GCSE and/or A-Level Mathematics to boys and girls. Our class sizes are always under 10 students and we pride ourselves on our delightful, old-fashioned, Catholic atmosphere.
Contact: Rev. Fr. Patrick Summers
The District of Canada are planning a pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 10th-20th May 2016. Please contact Rev. Fr. Barrett at
Here is an interesting article entitled The Suppression of Popular Devotions in Today’s Catholic Church. It is well worth a read lest we fall among the lukewarm in this regard. My old, old parish priest said that, once upon a time, it was usual for 60% of a parish to return to the church on Sunday evenings for vespers, a sermon and benediction. They were mostly men and boys because the mothers would be putting the children to bed.
Please pray for the repose of the soul Mr. John Olner of Barnstaple, Devon who died on Friday 4th March. Mr. Olner was a gentle soul but a firm supporter of the Society for many years. He is most fondly remembered by me as a regular volunteer on the annual Canterbury Pilgrimage. His funeral will take place after Easter; details to follow. Requiescat in pace.

2016 FEBRUARY 20th

Please find the latest March-April 2016 Ite Missa Est. This is already at the printers and will hopefully be in your hands for Sunday 28th February.

Please also find the March-April 2016 Mass Times leaflet which is simply an extract from the Ite Missa Est, but which is good for quick reference and for apostolic distribution.

The last Ite Missa Est generated some interesting comments:
This is a letter written in 1992 by Fr. Hervé de la Tour (SSPX) to the then District Superior of the U.S.A., Fr. François Laisney, about vocations. It is well worth a read by priests, fathers, mothers and children.

This is an article written by Fr. Hervé de la Tour which was published in the Angelus Magazine in 2012: Mother of a Priest

The last email update on Catholic Education also caused one kind soul to send these links to Bishop Fulton Sheen talks:

Online Catechism School Project. There are thousands of traditional, Catholic, English-speaking children around the world who do not receive any structured Catholic formation (ie. no catechism, no sacramental preparation, no Scripture, no history of the Church, no liturgy, no chant, no logic, no philosophy, no theology, no apologetics). Does anyone know of a traditional Catholic online school into which children can enrol and then be taught, tested and tutored? I have looked in vain until now. If nothing can be found, then an appeal will be made for volunteers to plan and execute this project.

Today, Mr. David Seeber will receive the Tonsure at the Seminary of St. Pius X in Econe, Switzerland. The Tonsure is a the ceremony in which a boy or man is formerly adopted by the Church. It precedes the order of Porter and Lector which are the first of the Minor Orders. Please keep him in your prayers so that he remains a faithful child of Holy Mother the Church.

The Liturgical Calendar for March and April 2016 can be found here.

Please find the January 2016 Newsletter of the District of Africa. These priests, brothers and sisters are meriting untold graces for our Society by helping to fill heaven with souls.

Finally, please find the forward from Mgr. Robert Hugh Benson’s The Friendship of Christ; it is a good subject of meditation for Lent.

St. Michael's School

Appeal - new school buildings for St. Michael's school

Donations are being sought for new school buildings at St. Michael’s School. We need £120,000 for six tasteful, prefabricated buildings for classrooms, a science lab and a common room. We are delighted that pupil numbers are growing, but we simply do not have the capital to expand our facilities. All donations would be gratefully received; please mention "St. Michael’s Building Fund”.

See a progress chart per resource of funds raised to date.

Ite Missa Est Newsletter for March/April 2016

This can be accessed via the "District Superior's Letter" navigation button in the left hand column.


The Archconfraternity of St. Stephen for Altar Servers is born again.

Fr. Lawrence Barrett is in charge and is organising meetings and training first at St. Michael’s School and then in other Mass Centres. The handbook of the Archconfraternity will be reprinted. The servers' instructions are to be considered as the standard to be learned and followed everywhere in the District.


April Issue of Hostia Magazine

Here is the May 2016 Hostia Magazine.

Please enrol your children in the Eucharistic Crusade at @

More details about the Eucharistic Crusade can be read on the "Movements and Groups" web page.


E-mail address for Carluke

This is the new email address for St. Andrew’s House, Carluke: @

A Convent to be dedicated to the Immaculata

Now with new photographs showing recent progress

The Dominican nuns of Avrillé need a larger Convent and are engaged in converting a former farm on a protected site in Périgord.
Funds are urgently needed and an illustrated account of the project is now available with new photographs.

Superior General's Newsletter No. 85

Bishop Fellay's latest Newsletter to Friends & Benefactors (No.85) is now on line and can be viewed via the "Superior General's Letter" button in the left hand margin.

NEW  An extract from the new Newsletter Ite Missa Est authored by Fr. Robert Brucciani (District Superior - GB and Scandinavia) for November-December 2015.    


In The Balance

Having reviewed the operations of the Society in the District, I think it is important that the faithful know something of our income and running costs.

In 2014 the income from collections and donations amounted to £620 per faithful, per annum.

Running costs amounted to £1120 per faithful per annum.

The difference was made up by reserves and legacies. Clearly, this mismatch of income and expenditure cannot continue for very long and requires that we implement austerity measures to increase income and reduce costs.

Increasing Income

The best way of increasing income is to increase the number of faithful who attend our Mass Centres! Financial gain should not be our first motive, however. We need to convince others of the necessity of the Society of St. Pius X for the preservation of Catholic tradition and hence the future of the Church itself. Recent events in Rome make even clearer the need for a stable, well founded priestly society professing the integral Catholic Faith who can speak out without fear of the machinations of those who profess a new theology-a theology which puts God at the service of man. Loyalty among existing faithful and recruitment of new faithful is therefore vital for our future.

One easy way of increasing support is to encourage others to subscribe to our email announcements. Just send email addresses to @ .

Another way of increasing income is to maximise the number of donations which take advantage of the Gift Aid Scheme. Gift Aid is a way for charities to increase the value of monetary gifts from UK taxpayers by claiming back the basic rate tax paid by the donor on the donation. It can increase the value of donations by a quarter at no extra cost to the donor. You can either put cash donations in the yellow envelopes available at all of the chapels, or sign a declaration of donations made over a period of time. The form can be found here:

Decreasing Expenditure

We are actively implementing cost cuttting measures such as renegotiating or cancelling unfavourable service contracts, reducing paid staff and increasing the efficiency of the way we do things (eg. meetings/catechism by Skype instead of face-to-face). One quick way of increasing efficiency and reducing costs is to allow us to communicate by email wherever possible.


Thank you for all your Gift Aid Donations.

It would be much appreciated if you would put all donations (cheques or cash) into the yellow Gift Aid envelopes,

even if you have signed a Gift Aid Declaration form

Message from Fr. P. Morgan

I would like to thank all the parishioners for their cards, gifts, good wishes and spiritual bouquets.

My new address is:

Maison Notre Dame - Fraternité Saint-Pie X
Les Sarrières, 05230 MONTGARDIN, FRANCE

This page is now carrying Newsletters from different SSPX Missions around the world. To keep up with the latest news from these Missions, please click here.

Two issues have been raised recently in different parts of the country with regard to attendance at our Masses.

The first regards the fulfilling of the Sunday obligation in SSPX churches. The second regards SSPX faithful having to go to Confession before receiving Communion at a Motu Proprio Mass!

Clearly both these issues have to do with the erroneous notion that as the SSPX does not enjoy a regular canonical situation then it must be gravely sinful to attend its Masses.

The principal refutation would consist in explaining that the crisis in the Church constitutes a real state of necessity which, according to Canon Law, justifies the valid and lawful celebration of all the sacraments for the good of souls.

A secondary refutation would consist in quoting those pronouncements from Rome which clarify the points in question. In an official correspondence from the PCED's Secretary Msgr. Camille Perl (which can be found in its entirety here ), the commission wrote the following:

Msgr. Perl said, "His first question was 'Can I fulfill my Sunday obligation by attending a Pius X Mass' and our response was: "1. In the strict sense you may fulfill your Sunday obligation by attending a Mass celebrated by a priest of the Society of St. Pius X."

"His second question was 'Is it a sin for me to attend a Pius X Mass?' and we responded stating:

"2. [.] If your primary reason for attending were to manifest your desire to separate yourself from communion with the Roman Pontiff and those in communion with him, it would be a sin. If your intention is simply to participate in a Mass according to the 1962 Missal for the sake of devotion, this would not be a sin."

[Recommended reading in this regard:

Most asked questions about the Society of Saint Pius X Angelus Press

Is Tradition Excommunicated? Angelus Press]

What is the Society's position regarding "Indult" or Moto Proprio Masses?

Read here for the Society's position.

Newsletters from SSPX Missions around the world:
St. Bernard Novitiate, Iloilo, Philippines

3rd February 2016 : Fr. Coenraad Daniels has sent through the latest update on the progress of the new church being built at the St. Bernard Novitiate in Iloilo in the Philippines.

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Construction continues full steam ahead . . . . but there is not much more for the eye to see, excepting of course . . . the photographs below . . .

Once again a profound thank you for all your wonderful and generous support, coming from every corner of the world. May Our Lord bless and Our Lady keep you under her care, and a very special thank you to St. Joseph.
Servus Mariae
Fr. Daniels

PS: Do not forget to have a look at our site at

But this is just a forest of bamboos! Well yes. We have started the construction of the roof-trusses. Since they are enormous (built to   support a tiled roof), and since we have no modern crane to help, we are obliged to assemble and weld the trusses on high.

So, how do we get it all up there? Well a little Filipino Engineering
(PTY-Unlimited), and we have now made our own crane . . .

In the meantime, down below, the window mouldings are slowly fitted ….. only another 34 windows to go …!!


The steps are now complete.

The church gets higher, but the funds, the funds . . .

The church is rising steadily.

The Consecration of the steps to the 9 choirs of Angels.

Sometimes one can simply not find the right machine for the job … so … with a little Afro-Filipino engineering (unlimited), we produce our own. Here below our homemade winch that does the job perfectly . . .

The Iloilo winch

Once again a very big Thank you to St. Joseph. We have just passed the 19,5 million pesos mark. This can ONLY come from the intervention of St. Joseph anfd your great generosity. Some have asked me about the daily or weekly cost. So, for your information, we run at about 100 000 pesos per week (2500U$ … 2000euros)
Once again a profound thank you for all your wonderful support, coming from every corner of the world. May Our Lord bless and Our Lady keep you under her care,
Servus Mariae
Fr. Daniels   03/11/2015]

The 15th Bulletin for the SSPX District of Africa in .pdf is now available for download and can be accessed through this link.

There is also a new Newsletter from the District of Africa.  It is #04 and it reached the SSPX-UK webmaster on 22nd March 2016.


Please see this Newsletter no.19 from the SSPX Mission at Harare in Zimbabwe and its very moving appeal for support in its work. If you have not yet decided on how to allocate your alms, please read the .pdf Newsletter.

Please see our Greetings for Easter 2015 from the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary in Kenya:

Click here for the link.

Thank you, may God bless and reward you!

May God bless you,

The Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary.

Fr. Karl Stehlin's monthly newsletter to the Knights of the Immaculatae, and extracts from his book The Immaculata, Our Ideal can be viewed at this link.