"Ite Missa Est" (The Dismissal)

The priest then goes to the middle of the altar, kisses it and says:

V.  Dominus vobiscum.

R.  Et cum spiritu tuo.

V.  The Lord be with you.

R.  And with thy spirit.

At High Mass the Deacon sings, or at Low Mass the Priest says:

V.  Ite Missa est.

R.  Deo gratias.

V.  Go, the Mass is ended.

R.  Thanks be to God.

Or, if the "Gloria" was not said:

V.  Benedicamus Domino.

R.  Deo gratias.

V.  Let us bless the Lord.

R.  Thanks be to God.

Or, at Masses for the Dead:

V.  Requiescant in pace.

R.  Amen.

V.  May they rest in peace.

R.  Amen.